Letter Enclosure on Censorship

Cormier's signed points on censorship

Signed points on censorship

This artifact is a bulleted list, by Cormier, of four developed key points regarding censorship: The first is the forbidding, by parents and others, of certain texts even in the interest of protection. The second addresses that censorhip ends up damaging those it seeks to protect. His third idea points to the irony that censoring a text has the effect, for many, of pushing people to read it. Lastly, he discusses his commitment to writing realistic fiction “writing the world as it is” and trusting in the transaction of reader and text (Louise Rosenblatt, 1978) to permit readers a glimpse of a world of experience without suffering actual consequences as is one of the affordances of quality fictional literature. He later added a fifth point praising the teachers and librarians at the front lines of censorship battles.

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