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Graduate students at Fitchburg State College assembled responses from Robert Cormier on frequently asked questions on I Am the Cheese. Questions concerns character motives, the line between reality and fantasy, and Cormier's inspiration and goals for…

Cormier writes about his allusion to The Wizard of Oz in I Am the Cheese as well as the homosexual references in the novel.

Janet, a doctoral candidate, writes Cormier with a number of questions about I Am the Cheese. One question is about the reference to "The Farmer in the Dell." Janet also proposes several questions regarding potential plot holes in the Farmer family's…

Gloria introduces her poem to Cormier and shares her aspiration to be a professional writer. Included is a poem she wrote based on I Am the Cheese.

Cormier shares brief feedback on Gloria's I Am the Cheese poem.

Robert Cormier outlines the revisions he made to the I Am the Cheese manuscript to his editor.

Cormier responds to Art's concerns about the Salem censorship battle by describing the Panama City censorship of I Am the Cheese. The idea of protecting children through censorship and precautionary censorship makes up a large portion of the letter.

Cormier shares I Am the Cheese FAQ responses (written by Fitchburg State College students) with students interested in institutional victimization.

Becky Mitchell and Andrea Babcock's letter and attached class poems, illustrations of book quotes, and reader's theatre script and props list inspired by I Am the Cheese.

12 photographs of Leominster and Fitchburg locales featured in I Am the Cheese.
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