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Richardson recounts a student's journal entries on The Chocolate War as he worked on a paper on censorship of Cormier's work. The article includes portions of Paul's letter to Cormier and Cormier's complete response. Richardson closes on the…

A speech on self-censorship and parenting serves as Cormier's response to censorship attempts of The Chocolate War.

Two freshmen students write to the school committee defending The Chocolate War, refuting its power to incite students to challenge their parents and teachers. They ask the committee to trust in their students' judgment. The letter is signed by 38…

This draft describes how Cormier shared a draft of The Chocolate War with his 15-year-old daughter to test Fabio Coen's idea that the excised chapter is unnecessary to the story. He then expresses his thanks for his network of supporters and family.

This short chapter includes a scene of Archie formulating his revenge against Jerry.

9 photographs of Leominster locales featured in The Chocolate War.

A student-produced newspaper in The Chocolate War universe.

A student-produced newspaper in The Chocolate War universe.

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