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Cormier describes his use of similes and metaphors and the effect fictionalization has on his real-life sources of inspiration.

Gary, a 13-year-old seventh-grader, shares his feelings about Fade, Paul's powers, and his relief that he is not Catholic.

Cormier writes about how different emotional revelations drove him to write The Chocolate War, I Am the Cheese, and Fade and how crucial emotion is to the success of his writing.

Richardson recounts a student's journal entries on The Chocolate War as he worked on a paper on censorship of Cormier's work. The article includes portions of Paul's letter to Cormier and Cormier's complete response. Richardson closes on the…

Thanks for a personal photograph related to the conceit of Fade.

Jan Wallace requests advice on how to talk to a Catholic parent about Fade's literary value.

Thanks and commiseration with a teacher facing a censorship battle.

Cormier identifies with Clare's plight for substantial reading for young adults.

Clare's pleas to Cormier to continue writing novels to save her from banal young adult literature.
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