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Alice Smith responds to Cormier's talk at the New York Public Library about his book Fade. She describes sharing the book with co-workers at her library and with middle school students.

Two freshmen students write to the school committee defending The Chocolate War, refuting its power to incite students to challenge their parents and teachers. They ask the committee to trust in their students' judgment. The letter is signed by 38…

Clare's pleas to Cormier to continue writing novels to save her from banal young adult literature.

Debbie Denzer shares her story of being fired for sharing a book about witchcraft with a student writing a paper on the topic. She admits her own disappointment in herself for previously dodging teaching Cormier's book for fear of falling into…

Gary, a 13-year-old seventh-grader, shares his feelings about Fade, Paul's powers, and his relief that he is not Catholic.

Gloria introduces her poem to Cormier and shares her aspiration to be a professional writer. Included is a poem she wrote based on I Am the Cheese.

Jan Wallace requests advice on how to talk to a Catholic parent about Fade's literary value.

Janet, a doctoral candidate, writes Cormier with a number of questions about I Am the Cheese. One question is about the reference to "The Farmer in the Dell." Janet also proposes several questions regarding potential plot holes in the Farmer family's…

Letter to Irmo High School principal, Dr. John Sprawls in defense of The Chocolate War.

Teacher John Merrill writes to principal Paul Tracy supporting The Chocolate War.

Mr. Cluff199.jpg
Cluff, a minister, voices his strong objections to We All Fall Down.

Cormier identifies with Clare's plight for substantial reading for young adults.

Thanks and commiseration with a teacher facing a censorship battle.

Cormier speaks to his motives for writing and its basis in emotion.

Cormier thanks Coen for his comments and describes the revisions made to The Chocolate War.
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