Robert Cormier's Advice to Writers

Robert Cormier's advice to writers

In this four page, edited manuscript, Cormier offers some of his insights into the writing process. The pages are numbered, with the first page reading as “2”, then moving on in sequence until “5” – we were not able to locate “1”. That said, the manuscript as it is reads coherently; we imagine that the original page one, may have been a cover page. In this document, Cormier shares that for as long as he can remember the acts of avid reading and diligent writing were intertwined and nothing replaced the actions and behaviors that indicated whether or not someone was a writer. He goes on to say how he had successes and failures after  writing eight books – an “overnight success after 25 years or so”.  It’s an interesting and instructive commentary from a well-respected and successful writer. The edits, or deletes, are done using the typewriter’s ability to type over existing text with “x” letters. No penned revisions are evident. It may be that this is a later iteration of this particular essay.

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