Fade Shakes Conservative Parents

Jan Wallace's letter to Robert Cormier 13 Oct, 1991

Jan Wallace's letter to Robert Cormier 13 Oct. 1991

In one of the few paired correspondences of the archive, Jan Wallace,  a 7th and 8th grade teacher from Alabama, wrote a three-page single-spaced letter to Cormier sharing an incident regarding a parent’s disapproval of his 13-year old daughter’s reading of Fade (1988).


Robert Cormier's reply to Jan Wallace

Letter from Robert Cormier to Jan Wallace

Cormier's two-page single-spaced draft of a reply to Jan Wallace and her concerns as a teacher around Fade is remarkable because of the extensive revision work that is visible despite his, by this time, well-practiced letters to teachers and students about censorship. It may be that his response addresses one of the early attacks on Fade and shows his thinking-in-development about that novel, specifically.

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